Aged Care and Retirement Living

Residents no longer need to leave their aged care facility or retirement village to have routine preventative dental care. This mobile service takes the hassle out of organising transport, having careers taking time off work, as well as the physical limitations of residents being able to travel comfortably to their appointments. I am here to make life easier for so many, by coming to you! Residents can feel relaxed in the privacy of their own room and the comfort of their favorite arm chair. The only thing I need is a power point close by. 

Healthy mouths are linked with good overall health which is why preventative dental care is so important. Poor oral health has a known measurable impact on quality of life and has been linked with increased mortality and morbidity in our elderly communities. Research demonstrates that a deterioration in the oral cavity has a direct link on the individual as a whole.

Poor oral health contributes to an increased risk to gum disease and dental decay. If left undiagnosed and untreated, long term pain and suffering will result. Poor oral health also increases ones risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, bacterial pneumonia and systemic infections that could potentially be life threatening in the elderly.

Dental disease and pain can lead to poor diet, undernourishment, speech and communication difficulties as well as sever social impacts; with bad breathe and changes in the residents appearance as a result of unsightly decay, receding gums and tooth loss causing low self esteem and depression.  

Preventative dental care prevents dental emergencies and more importantly medical emergencies. Prevention is better than a cure and my mission is to improve the oral health and ultimately the overall well being of our much loved elderly community.

A fully functional mobile dental unit allows me to provide all necessary preventative dental care; including comprehensive examinations, diagnosis of dental disease, dental scale and clean, prophylaxis removal of bacterial plaque and biofilm, fluoride treatments for high risk areas, and denture cleaning and assessment (with referral pathway to a prosthetist if required).

I treat everyone with the utmost respect, compassion and as if they were my own family. 

I look forward to building a trusting and caring relationships with all residents, careers and facility staff.

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