Custom Fit Sports Mouthguards

Custom fit sports mouthgaurds are worn to prevent serious injury to the mouth and face. A properly fitted mouthguard will protect your teeth, supporting bone, lips, checks and tongue from fractures and trauma if you were to have a heavy knock or fall during contact sport.

We highly recommend that a mouthguard is worn at ALL times when playing any contact sports. It is also just as important to wear your mouthguard when you are training as it is when you are playing a game or match.

A custom fit mouthguard will not only protect you mouth and face, it will also protect your hip pocket. Fractures and trauma are costly to fix and treatments will likely need long term ongoing maintenance. Prevention is better than the cure.

To make a mouthguard, first we take an impression (with gooey putty) of your upper teeth and surrounding tissues. We send this off to a lab which normally takes around 1 week to process. We then fit the mouthguard, making sure it fits well and is comfortable and secure.

Custom fit sports mouthguard $150